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Seven Nation Army by Emarazzla

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These beautiful icons were made for me, thank you! <3

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I need your help! c:

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 24, 2014, 4:59 AM
hey there guys! Well, I've finally drawn a complete blank on what to do with my style. I hate it so so much, but I just don't know what to do about it. Nothing quite fits together right and I don't know how to fix it! I was seriously about to put down my pen for good when I had a better idea; a fresh pair of eyes! c:
A lot of you have been with me for a while, and few have just joined me on my journey, but that's okay, because you can all help me. Here's what I need you to do: rip my drawings apart. Look at the individual things themselves, the hair, the eyes, the clothing, and tell me what I should try differently. Have you seen a certain artist draw eyes a way you think might suit my 'style'? link it so I can see! (because oh my goodness, how to draw my eyes has been bothering my so much lately. I'm really wanting to go into a more of a closer to semi-realistic eye, but still obviously animeish, idk how to explain cx) <3 Have you seen a hair-shading tutorial you think I should try (OTL please please please, I can never shade hair D': ) Should I line differently? Anything. Throw your tutorials and favorite artists at me. Idk just ANYTHING. I have been so stressed lately and that time-wasting drawing of Tori was supposed to make me feel better but it really just made it worse XD cx thank you in advance for all of your advice and links precious bbys~! <3

Why Tracing is Bad for you

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 17, 2014, 12:59 PM
-This is nothing more than my person opinion/views on the topic of tracing, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and you don't have to agree with mine, but I ask you to respect my opinion as i would yours- I also am not stating that I am any kind of master of anything, so don't accuse me of thinking so.

Hey there guys! I was just browsing through some of my old art, and I found something that I wanted to talk about: tracing.

We've all done it, don't deny it. I won't. But from someone who can say they've graduated from tracing, I am able to look back and hopefully share things that will help you, things that I wish someone had told me^^

Mainly, the reason anyone traces is because of their lacking skill in anatomy. Well let me tell you, tracing is probably not going to make you any better. If you trace the anatomy of a specific pose of an actual anime drawing (if you're drawing) there's no way someone isn't going to recognize it. And If you're trying to go from a real person picture to anime, obviously your proportions are going to be off because anime is stylized, it won't turn out right. IT WILL NOT TURN OUT RIGHT. So if you run into those two problems, are you really any better off..? No, you're not.

When you trace, you are COPYING the results and nothing more, you will not understand the anatomy of the drawing you are trying to create.

Think of it as a math paper. You don't understand the lesson, so you copy your friends problems. When you write down all the numbers, you're just writing them down because that's what the paper says, not because you actually understand what's going on. Therefore your drawing is going to be AWKWARD. Think about it. Let's say your bestfriend was lending you some clothes after you spilled coffee on your outfit. she/he has plenty of shirts for you to choose from, but none of her pants fit over your luscious booty,  so you are left with a cute shirt and the nasty, coffee-stained pants that you had on before. When you trace over someone else's work (the shirt) and try to make it your own (outfit) you won't ever be able to copy their work and make it your own at the same time. It without it looking awkward. Because your coffee-stained shorts that you have on do NOT go with the shirt that you took. Like looking like you have perfect anatomy, but you can't draw a shirt to properly go around your perfect torso, it's obvious. So you're better off to just take your own clothes and try to wash the stains out. Draw your own drawings. Everything by yourself. Because even if your anatomy isn't perfect, it's going to match your own work better than something else you're taking from someone else. Because trust me, I can look at your drawing and tell if you traced it in about .5 seconds. Because no one good enough to make a traced drawing not awkward, is going to be tracing, they've worked hard and mastered (improved on) their anatomy by themselves, and wouldn't need to trace

Putting a pose out to the side and glancing at it to see if your arms are at the right angle and checking for proportions, that is different. Going back to the math reference, it's similar to copying notes off the board at the teacher is doing them. Because they're notes, they're not your actual assignment, but they set a model for what your problems are going to look like. 
Also, credit the drawing/images that you referenced when you submit your drawing, because that just erks me so much. Not only that, but if you use a popular pose reference, people are going to recognize it and call you out on it, most likely in a not-very-nice manner.

If you ABSOLUTELY think you're so horrible at anatomy, here's how to wean yourself off (the steps I used anyways)
STOP tracing the outline of the anatomy. Instead, place circles where all the joints are, connect them with a single line like you normally would.
Now get rid of the drawing that you were 'tracing' off of. Don't you dare look at it again. Now you have your desired pose that you felt your couldn't draw by yourself. Now draw around those dots to create YOUR OWN, anatomy...if you feel discouraged, look up anatomical references on google, and REFERENCE them, do not TRACE them. It's great to start with the skeletal structure, it's makes it easy to UNDERSTAND why arms/legs/hands are shaped the way they are.

Please guys, just help yourselves <3

Also, here's this super cool pose generator that I use sometimes when I'm wanting to challenge myself/ or I'm out of pose ideas cx

also I have a whole folder full of anatomy books if anyone is interested >w<

I love you darlings~

A little about me <3

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Hello boo-dolls! I guess I should tell you a little about myself so I don't seem such a stranger! <3

Names: Emarazzla | Ema | Ema-Ra | Cassie

Age: 17

Features: 5'7" | blonde | ice blue-grey eyes

Likes: rping | sleeping | meeting new people | drawing | Marvel Movies | glitter | My oc Tori bby | summer | warmth | Diet Mt. Dew | Chinese food

Dislikes: rude people | rain | cold | wind | meanie jerk faces | Mexican food | whiny people | presumptuous people

Favorite things to draw: My friends ocs | rp art | eyes | intricate character designs | couples

Dislikes drawing: long hair | plain-jane designs | proper anatomy :'I

Favorite animes: Inuyasha | Vampire Knight | Trinity Blood | Kyoukai no Kanata

Favorite characters: Sesshomaru | Koga | Ion Fortuna | Edward Elric

My strange obsessions: Angry Birds Piggies | cleaning to absolute perfection | drawing rp couples

Anything else you would like to know? Just ask! <3

My bitch

The most loveable boo of them all

The sweetest boo-doll in the world

My very precious boo-bbys
| DandeIion | EmilssH | SkyLandWarrior | Mouseleaf | darkshadowhand | Abbysol

Very talented idol-boos
oceantann | Hyanna-Natsu | DamaiMikaz | yoneyu | Xipeu | ZenithOmocha | Midna01 | Kyatia |

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Just in case you're having a bad day.. 





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Dakota Craft by kisarag-i
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